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Pilot Globe Guides

Brought to you by Pilot Productions - producers of addictive adventure travel TV shows that journey to unforgettable destinations around the planet.

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Take a month-by-month trip around the planet, find out what's on where and when with Pilot Globe Guides - discover the world's weirdest festivals, exciting events, best beaches, and seasonal treks.


TV Shows

Globe Guides January  

JANUARY: From Christian festivities in Ethiopia and the Philippines and Hindu celebrations in Malaysia to the watery treats of the Turks and Caicos, Australia and Florida. More

Globe Guides December  

MARDI GRAS: From Venice's ancient Carnivale in Italy and Trinidad's street parade to Sydney's Mardi Gras and Rio de Janeiro's world famous and highly charged Carnival. More

Globe Guides February  

FEBRUARY: Two massive festivals in Italy, Vietnam celebrates its most important religious day and the Arab Gulf States indulge in 2 very different celebrations. Sun, sand and sea activities are served up in perfect measure by Mexico's Yucatan coast and Borneo. More

Globe Guides March  

MARCH: As winter melts away into spring check out the reindeer racing in Lapland and carnivals in Canada - soak up the sunshine in Costa Rica and celebrate Yap Day in Micronesia. More

Globe Guides April  

APRIL: See how Christian Easter varies from country to country, taking in Brazil, Guatemala, Spain, Israel and the Philippines, plus diving in Micronesia and trekking across Hawaii and a celebration of the old enmities of Spain's warring religions. More

Globe Guides May  

MAY: A fabulous journey taking in a canoe trek from Texas to Mexico, Buddhist retreats in Java, a Catholic pilgrimage in Portugal, mystical masks in West Africa, and fire-walking in Greece. More

Globe Guides June  

JUNE: A journey through the Mediterranean, Tahiti, Peru and Britain. June is a fantastic month to explore Mediterranean Europe and experience world class festivals. More

Globe Guides July  

JULY: Taking in bull runs in Spain, aquatic life in the Maldives, Bastille Day in France, horse-racing in Italy, oily wrestlers in Turkey, wife-carrying in Finland, and garlic festivities in California. More

Globe Guides August  

AUGUST: Zip across the globe for some rough and tumble at the Highland Games in Scotland, run riot at the Tomatina Festival in Spain, puff up Mount Rainier in Washington State, USA and join Memphis's Elvis Week commemorations in Tennessee, USA. More

Globe Guides September  

SEPTEMBER: Drop in on Nevada's Burning Man Festival, stand well back from some festive wrestling at the Fiesta of San Miguel in Bolivia, join some of the world's shyest tribes at Papua New Guinea's Goroka Show and head down under on New Zealand's wondrous Fox Glacier. More

Globe Guides October  

OCTOBER: See Germany's raucous Oktoberfest in Munich then recuperate on the almost-forgotten waters of the Mediterranean around Croatia before staring history in the face at the re-enactment of England's famous Battle of Hastings, hen it's off to Mexico for the Day of the Dead festival. More

Globe Guides November  

NOVEMBER: Laughter all round at the Burning Barrels Festival in England, a show of beast strength at the Surin Elephant Roundup in Thailand, camels and prayer in the sacred town of Pushkar, relax on the beaches of India and Sri Lanka before heading to Nepal for a glimpse of Mount Everest. More

Globe Guides December  

DECEMBER: Journey to Switzerland for the Klausjagen Festival, join millions of pilgrims in Mexico City for feverish adulation at the Virgin de Guadeloupe Festival, soak up the sun at some of Asia's best beaches and struggle up Africa's second largest peak Mount Kenya. More

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